Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'll have a little bit of everything

A fresh start.  I've been working on refining and defining my style all summer.  Here are some things I've been exploring:




Punk Rock



I'm getting closer to a style that is all my own.


  1. Summer ... after our emails back and forth about ordering on CQK, I couldn't resist checking out your design blog. I am now going to be following you. I hope it doesn't freak you out! If it does, block me! lol You are welcome to see mine as well. I am not a designer (though I am interested to see how my quilt turns out, I am trying "modern quilting") I am a writer by training and preference. Maybe when you are bored one night, you'll take a look! Good luck with your new store! I love the notebooks! Maybe I'll have to get one when I am ready for a new journal -- Lauren

  2. Thanks, Lauren! I hope you enjoy the blog - I'll take any readers I can get! And I'll definitely check your blog out.