Friday, October 1, 2010

just in time for goodbye

We've enjoyed the very close company of my brother-in-law, Kevin, his wife, Crystal, and my nephew, Finn, here in Cambridge for years.  But we knew our luck couldn't hold out forever and I'm devastated to say that in a few days they're moving on to - if not greener, then certainly more sparkly - pastures in Las Vegas.

Tonight we're throwing a goodbye dinner with some of their closest friends and I just finished up a project for the baby they're expecting in November to give to them this evening.  I'm pretty excited to present it to Crystal et al as it's probably the biggest hand-made gift I've ever made.  The little one should have a great time playing on this blanket until he's big enough to use it on his toddler bed:

The primary fabrics are technically germs, but I've broadened that out to a larger alien/space motif (inner space... outer space... it's all connected, right?).  Design-wise the gigantic log cabin couldn't have been easier, but I loved the fabric so much I wanted to keep it in large pieces. I think Crystal will love the colors and I'm not totally horrified at my first attempt at free-motion quilting, so I'm pretty pleased overall.

I think quilts will be rare projects for me since I enjoy piecing, but I really, really don't like quilting.  My husband had to clear the room of little ones because of the horrific stream of vitriol coming from my mouth as I tried to man-handle these gigantic pieces of fabric through my machine.  Uh-oh, kids, mommy is quilting.  Let's go to the playground...

But it's done and I'm happy. 

Now I just have to find a way to get along without Kevin, Crystal, and the boys in town.  If I thought quilting was hard, I can't imagine how difficult that will be.


  1. Yay!! I'm your first follower! I found your blog today from flickr and I am totally in love with your card table ironing board. (Love the quilt too .... sorry I didn't throw that out there first) I've got a long slender card table and I'm going to turn it into an ironing table this weekend. It's one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments.

  2. Thanks BaileyGirl! I just realized I had this comment (I need to set up a notification system, apparently). Hope the ironing table project went well - I absolutely love mine!