Monday, January 31, 2011

baby steps

It's been a busy couple weeks with three redecorating projects in the works.  The latest is the move of my sewing space from the basement to a room upstairs.  I'm so excited to have the light, the door I can close (!), and the opportunity to do a little design work just for me.

A trip to Ikea this weekend yielded a few necessary new items for the room plus a frivolous thing or two.  Here are two of my finds:

My husband's one request was a comfy chair he can use on the occasions he needs the room for a work space.  I love the (unfortunately named) klappsta chair  for its sleek design and small footprint.  It's definitely comfortable, but even more so with a pillow in the back.

I bought a little over a yard of the patricia fabric without having too much of a plan for it.  I thought it might work for curtains in Lila's new room, but once I saw it in there, I knew it was a no go. However, it goes fantastically with the butter yellow walls in my sewing room, so my ironing table is going to get a refreshed cover and I'll have just enough left over for a small pillow.  Perfect!

 I also bought some shelving for the closet to hold my bins and bins of fabric.  I can see fabric hoarding becoming a serious problem in the future.  This is what the closet looked like before.

And here's after.  (Cute baby sells it, doesn't she?)  I love the versatility of these ekby jarpen shelves.  We've used them in our library downstairs, in the "mud room" (or "mud corner" to be more accurate), and now here.  They're sturdy, don't have a ton of ugly hardware, and can be placed any distance apart.  I am amazed I actually worked the math correctly and got them hung with exactly enough space for my bins.  There's still a little room to grow, but probably I should just do a big purge.

So it's a start.  I'll be excited to reveal the whole room when it's finished - should be sometime this year. ;)

Once I can get the basics set up, I'll be able to work at my machine again, which will make me infinitely happier and should provide some fun posts here.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Cute post, Summer! I love reading your blog. :) You have great ideas!